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President Radev: BSP should fulfil the mandate in accordance with the Constitution and the Constitutional Court’s interpretative ruling

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Rumen Radev

“The Bulgarian Socialist Party should fulfil the mandate (for the formation of a government – editorial note) in accordance with the Constitution and the interpretative ruling of the Constitutional Court,” President Rumen Radev stated, laconically, in answer to a reporter’s question regarding last night’s video address by the leader of There Is Such a People Slavi Trifonov in which he stated he was withdrawing his party from the negotiations on the formation of a new cabinet, and the intention of BSP leader Kornelia Ninova to hold onto the third exploratory mandate until around mid-August, so as to give parliament time to approve important bills and decisions.

Under the Constitutional Court’s interpretative ruling from 1992, cited by President Radev, the third mandate-holder has two weeks to fulfil the mandate – during the first it must nominate a candidate for prime minister, and during the second - present the composition of the prospective cabinet.

The Bulgarian head of state took part in a commemorative ceremony, marking 80 years since the execution of prominent Bulgarian poet Nikola Vaptsarov. “It should be clear that anti-fascism is an important element of the sacred past of Bulgaria, and that anyone who denies it is opening the door to more historical divisions and tragedies,” Rumen Radev said.

Source: BNR

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