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Kornelia Ninova: BSP will protect Bulgarians from inflation and poverty

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BSP Convention, Buzludzha 2022

At Mount Buzludzha, where the organised socialist movement in Bulgaria was founded 131 years ago, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) kicked off its election campaign.

Kornelia Ninova said the government was leaving a financially stable, economically developed and socially committed country. In Ninova's words, thanks to this government kindergartens and nurseries have become cost-free and people are paying less taxes.

Ninova promised that if the BSP makes it into the next government, there would be free medicines for children and free textbooks up to the 12th grade. "We have proved that the welfare state is a reality," Kornelia Ninova added.

She said the party was heading into the upcoming elections with concerns about inflation, prices, poverty and inequality and the Socialists’ first goal would be to address those issues and protect Bulgarian citizens and families, BTA reported.

Source: BNR

Photo: https://bsp.bg/