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Virologist: In a week Bulgaria will reach the peak of the new Covid-19 wave

, Станимир Петков (Клуб на инвалидите - Сливен)

Излъчване: Tuida News | Bulgaria | преди 2 седмици | 57

Prof. Radka Argirova

Due to the growing incidence of Covid-19 in Bulgaria and the large part of unvaccinated citizens, the new anti-epidemic measures from August 4 in Sofia, providing for obligatory wearing of masks indoors, are necessary to prevent the spread of the infection.

The virus is highly contagious, but it is not severe, virologist Prof. Radka Argirova emphasized in an interview with BNR. She predicts that in about a week, the peak of the Covid-wave will occur, after which it will begin to decline.

The occupancy of non-intensive beds is currently below 9% of the entire hospital bed base in the country, which shows that we are far from a crisis in the health care system, Prof. Argirova said.

A new rise in cases is expected at the start of the new school year.

Source: BNR

Photo: BGNES