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Bulgarian Police are looking for a Car with Migrants that Escaped after a Chase on Trakia Highway

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Police car

The police are chasing a car with Polish registration on AM Trakia.

The car refused to obey a police patrol on the highway. The Ministry of the Interior told the Bulgarian National Radio unofficially that they assumed that illegal migrants were traveling in the car.

In the area of "Crna Matsa", a second police car joined the pursuit.

According to the latest unofficial information, the driver managed to escape from the police and currently the Ministry of Internal Affairs is looking for the car in the areas around the Trakia highway.

There is an increased police presence at the entrance to Sofia from Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd.

The migrant that was wanted after a chase in the center of Burgas was captured

The last wanted migrant after the chase last night in the center of Burgas has already been captured, the police announced. He was caught in the South Bus Station area of the seaside town.

After a chase with the police, the driver of the car being chased, carrying migrants from Morocco, crashed into an empty parked car in the area of the intersection with "Ivan Shishman" street behind the Burgas theater building.

After the crash, the eight men ran away. Seven of them were caught immediately, and another was being sought until this morning.

Yesterday, a serious accident with injured police officers occurred after a chase with migrants in Sofia.


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