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80% of Ethnic Macedonians reject the Inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution

, Станимир Петков (Клуб на инвалидите - Сливен)

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80% of ethnic Macedonians in North Macedonia reject the inclusion of Bulgarians in the constitution, according to a study by the Macedonian Institute "Societas Civilis" together with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

North Macedonia is obliged to accept the Bulgarian community in its constitution before it can start negotiations with the EU.

To the question "Should the RNM accept other communities, including the Bulgarian one, to its constitution on the way to the EU?" 65% of the country's citizens answer with "No". Looking at this data from an ethnicity perspective, ethnic Macedonians dominate with 80% “No”, while Albanians are more positive about the prospect with 53% “Yes”.

The data from the point of view of political affiliation ranks only the voters of the Albanian DUI, a coalition partner of the ruling Social Democrats of Dimitar Kovachevski (SDSM), with a positive answer to the question. 75% of DUI voters answered "Yes" to the question of entering new minorities in the constitution. VMRO-DPNE and “Levitsa” dominate the "No" category with 89% and 92%, followed by SDSM with 59% and the other Albanian party “Alliance for Albanians” with 54%.

On the question "Should there be a historic reform on the way to the EU?" the results are similar. 69% of residents answered "No". Ethnic Macedonians dominate the "No" answer with 81%, while Albanians are evenly split with 43% for both answers. The party split is also unchanged, with only the DUI having a majority of “Yes” with 61%.

To the questions asked about the war in Ukraine, a fairly equal division of answers can be observed. When asked, "Were NATO's provocations impossible for Russia to ignore?" 36% answered "Absolutely" and 29% strongly disagreed with the statement. Albanians mostly disagree with the statement with 44% and Macedonians strongly agree with 43%.

Also, to the question "Victory for Ukraine, does it mean a victory for Europe?" 34% answered "No" to 28% "Yes".


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