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Lukashenko on Bulgaria’s National Day: The Unfavorable Political Situation can’t Break the Spirit of Friendship

, Станимир Петков (Клуб на инвалидите - Сливен)

Излъчване: Tuida News | World | преди 3 седмици | 125

@Wikimedia Commons

"The unfavorable political situation cannot break the spirit of friendship, or break the numerous interpersonal ties between Belarusians and Bulgarians," this is what is said in a congratulatory address for March 3 by the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. As it is known, since the beginning of the war against Ukraine, Belarus has supported Russia, and the EU countries are already discussing sanctions against this country as well.

"Since time immemorial, our countries have been united by Slavic traditions, common spiritual values, Orthodoxy and the Cyrillic alphabet. Despite the fact that Belarus and Bulgaria have chosen different paths of development and alliances, our cooperation has always been constructive and was built on the principles of trust and respect", says the greeting issued by the Embassy of Belarus in Sofia.

Lukashenko also notes that Belarusians also fought for the liberation of Bulgaria and its independence. The President of Belarus emphasizes that Minsk is invariably interested in restoring the equal political dialogue with Sofia, expanding trade and economic interaction, contacts between the regions, joint scientific, educational and humanitarian activities.


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