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Christo Grozev after the "Oscar": Putin was Very Angry after he watched "Navalny"

, Станимир Петков (Клуб на инвалидите - Сливен)

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Christo Grozev

“The Academy Award is pragmatically useful. Now the film will be watched by at least another 20 million people.

This means that viewers will be exposed to the facts that we present in this film - Russia has a program to kill and eliminate its own citizens, anyone who has the courage to go against the authorities or run for president."

Bulgarian journalist Christo Grozev told bTV this morning after the Academy Awards ceremony, at which the film "Navalny" was awarded.

"The film was largely Bulgarian. The idea is Bulgarian. A lot of the funding in the beginning was mine,” he pointed out.

The organizers did not allow Volodymyr Zelensky to make a statement, but according to Grozev, his message was sent.

"The organizers have always avoided direct involvement in the political context. The director of the film, Daniel Rohr, in his speech stated his position regarding the war. A large part of the things that Zelensky would say, we said them," he added.

“A film has a far greater emotional effect on an audience than any printed investigation. From the information I have received from people close to Putin, after he saw the film, he was very angry. I suppose the film has something to do with the danger to my life," emphasized the investigative journalist.

"The only thing I want to send as a message is to be careful with the facts - to always check what is behind the words of the politicians. This is what Bellingcat is trying to do, and I hope the young generation in Bulgaria will only look for the facts," said Christo Grozev.


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