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European Commissioner Breton is coming to Bulgaria to Negotiate Ammunition for Ukraine

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European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton is arriving in Bulgaria on Wednesday for a meeting with the defense industry, the European Commission announced to the National Television.

The purpose of the visit is to encourage the arms industry to rapidly increase its production capacity in order to have ammunition for Ukraine.

Last week, an informal meeting of defense ministers in Stockholm discussed a plan to increase munitions funding to Ukraine by another 2 billion euros. Breton and Europe's number one diplomat Josep Borrell announced that the EU would respond in a coordinated manner to the needs of the Ukrainian army, which is suffering from a lack of ammunition.

The plan includes the immediate provision of ammunition from available national stocks, consolidation of demand through a joint EU contract on behalf of member states, and a massive increase in production capacity within the EU itself, BNT reports.

Breton is expected to visit 11 member states with defense industries to urge them to rapidly ramp up production. On Friday he will be in the Czech Republic./BNT


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