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Press briefing on next week’s plenary session - Friday, 5 May, at 11.00

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European Parliament

Spokespersons for Parliament and for political groups will hold a briefing on the 8-11 May plenary session on Friday at 11.00, in Parliament’s Anna Politkovskaya press room.

Key topics next week include:

“This is Europe” debate on 9 May with Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Debate and vote on new legislation to improve product labelling and durability and to put a stop to misleading claims

Debate and vote on draft rules to reduce methane emissions of the energy sector

Discussion with the Council and the Commission on the proposals for reform of the Stability and Growth Pact

Farming and the green transition: debate with the Council and the Commission

Situation in Sudan

2021 discharge: assessing the EU’s budgetary execution

Formal Sitting with Portugal’s President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

Renewal of trade support measures to Ukraine

Interpretation of the press briefing will be available in English and French.

Journalists wishing to actively participate and ask questions, please connect via Interactio by using this: https://ep.interactio.eu/66e2-hy1p-1w4u

You can follow it live from 11.00 on Friday in Parliament’s Anna Politkovskaya press room or via Parliament’s webstreaming and EbS.

Information for the media - Use Interactio to ask questions

Interactio is only supported on iPad (with the Safari browser) and Mac/Windows (with the Google Chrome browser).

When connecting, enter your name and the media you are representing in the first name / last name fields.

For better sound quality, use headphones and a microphone. Interpretation is only possible for interventions with video.

Journalists who have never used Interactio before are asked to connect 30 minutes before the start of the press conference to perform a connection test. IT assistance can be provided if necessary.

When connected, open the chat window (upper right corner) to be able to see the service messages.

For more details, check the connection guidelines and recommendations for remote speakers.