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Day 443 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Russia has Denied reports of Ukrainian Breakthroughs on the Front Lines

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Day 443 of the invasion of Ukraine. Summary of key events in the last 24 hours:

Russia has denied reports of Ukrainian breakthroughs on the front lines

Zelensky reported excellent results in the destruction of the Russian occupiers

Ukraine said its forces had advanced 2 km in the Bakhmut area

American Abrams tanks, intended for training Ukrainian forces, have arrived in Germany ahead of schedule

EU countries agreed on tougher sanctions against Russia

A Russian woman who left a note on the grave of Putin's parents received a suspended sentence

Russia has denied reports of Ukrainian breakthroughs on the front lines

Russia's Defense Ministry denied reports that Ukrainian forces had breached various front-line locations and stressed that the military situation was under control.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that a plan to reform Ukraine's criminal and law enforcement system had been approved.

Moscow reacted after Russian military bloggers reported on Telegram a Ukrainian advance north and south of Bakhmut, with some suggesting a long-awaited counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces had begun.

According to the department, the situation in the area of the so-called a “special military operation”, as Russia defines the war, is under control.

Yesterday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his country needed more time to launch a counteroffensive in Russian-occupied territories as the army awaited the delivery of promised military aid.

Last night, Russian troops continued their attacks in and around the city of Bakhmut with the support of fighter jets, the Ukrainian command announced.

New Russian attacks were also reported in Marinka.

In total, about 30 attacks by Russian troops were registered in the eastern section of the front near Bakhmut, Marinka, Avdiivka and Lyman, the general staff report said.

Over the past 24 hours, Russian forces have launched six missile strikes on Sloviansk, Konstatinovka and Zaporizhzhia.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced a strategic plan to reform the country's law enforcement system. It includes fundamental changes to all law enforcement agencies until 2027:

"Put in plain language, we need to ensure a system of ensuring law and order that corresponds to our objectives of rapid accession to the EU. Trust within the state and trust in the state is built on trust in those who act on behalf of the state. The prosecutor's office and law enforcement bodies are key in this task," Zelensky said.

Zelensky reported excellent results in the destruction of the Russian occupiers

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are pushing Russia's former "second army in the world" further down the ranking of military forces.

The head of state stated this during an evening address to Ukrainians. The President thanked the Ukrainian servicemen and units who, since the beginning of this week, have distinguished themselves with special merits in the defense of the state.

"Joint Strategic Group of Forces (JSGF) Khortytsa - 3rd and 5th Separate Assault Brigades and 28th Separate Mechanized Brigade, bearing the name Knights of the Winter March... Thank you all - to every soldier, sergeant and officer - for the extremely successful actions to destroy the occupiers. A very good result!", said the head of state.

"JSGF Tavria - the soldiers of the 44th separate artillery brigade named after Hetman Danylo Apostol, the 55th separate artillery brigade ‘Zaporozhska Sech’, our famous ‘fifty-ninth’ - the 59th separate motorized infantry brigade named after Yakov Gandzyuk and the 79th separate brigade... I thank all of you for the strength of the positions and the strength in the battles, for the inspiration for victory that you give to all of Ukraine with your shooting and bravery," added Zelensky.

"JSGF Odesa - I thank the fighters of the 406th separate artillery brigade named after General Alexey Almazov for the excellent results in the destruction of the enemy concentration facilities," the president stressed.

Zelensky also noted the artillery crews of the 63rd Separate Mechanized Brigade.

"The guys know how to destroy the enemy's equipment on the battlefield. Each of your accurate hits, our heroes, is a saved Ukrainian life. Thank you!" - said Zelensky.

In addition, the head of state said that the units of the National Guard of Ukraine have something to celebrate this week.

"In particular, the soldiers of the 1st and 14th operational brigades of the National Guard, who, together with all the defense and security forces of Ukraine, protect our country in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Thank you, guardsmen, of the National Guard, both for your steadfastness and the fact that thanks to your intelligence and artillery, the former ‘second world army’ is moving further down the list of military forces," Zelensky said.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian defenders liquidated another 750 Russian occupiers, announced the General Staff of the AFU. Thus, from the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine to the present, 197,670 Russian soldiers have filled the audience of Joseph Kobzon's heavenly concert.

Ukraine said its forces had advanced 2 km in the Bakhmut area

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) advanced 2 km in the Bakhmut region, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar said, as quoted by the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN.

“The enemy is spreading false information to justify its failure in the battle for Bakhmut”, the Ukrainian representative said.

"For a whole week, Bakhmut and the events related to it remained the leading topic on the Russian Telegram channels and in the media. The analysis of the information shows that for the enemy this city has a great importance of an almost sacral nature," Maliar pointed out.

According to the Ukrainian deputy minister, Russia is deliberately spreading false information about a shortage of weapons to justify its failures on the front.

Maliar noted that the week for Russia in the Bakhmut area was marked by four fundamental problems: the failure of its own offensive plans, the heavy loss of manpower, the advance of the AFU by 2 km near Bakhmut, and the fact that for the week the AFU did not retreat from a position of its own in Bakhmut.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Russian forces continue to actively attack both in Bakhmut itself and in its surroundings, notes UNIAN.

American Abrams tanks, intended for training Ukrainian forces, have arrived in Germany ahead of schedule

American Abrams tanks needed for the training of Ukrainian forces have arrived in Germany a little earlier than planned and are on their way to the Grafenwoehr military base, where the training will begin in two to three weeks, the Associated Press reported. , citing US officials.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told the United States Senate Committee on Appropriations that the US had transferred "several tanks to the theater" so that the Ukrainians could begin training with them. He said when they complete the training, which is expected to last about 10 weeks, the Abrams tanks currently being manufactured for Ukrainian forces will be ready.

The US official said 31 M1A1 Abrams tanks needed for the training arrived at the port in Bremerhaven, Germany last weekend and will arrive at the base by early next week. They will arrive in Grafenwoehr several weeks ahead of schedule, which was outlined when military leaders from across Europe and elsewhere met in Germany last month to discuss Ukraine's needs for the war against Russia.

The tanks that the US is providing to Ukraine are being manufactured to the specifications of its military and will be delivered to Ukraine by early fall, just as the service members complete their training, the AP said.

EU countries agreed on tougher sanctions against Russia

All EU countries have agreed to tougher energy sanctions against Russia, “Politico” reported, citing sources. Even those countries that "benefited from undeclared imports of Russian oil" did not speak out against this decision, the media says.

An EU diplomat told the publication that the 11th package of sanctions differs from previous ones in that it "focuses on circumvention and will have a different impact", so the countries are taking their time and considering all the proposals. Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said his country would veto any EU sanctions against Russia's nuclear power sector on the grounds that it would change domestic energy prices and boost inflation.

On May 9, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, named the purpose of the 11th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation to counteract the circumvention of existing restrictive measures.

A Russian woman who left a note on the grave of Putin's parents received a suspended sentence

A Russian court last night handed down a two-year suspended sentence to a woman from St. Petersburg who left a note on the grave of Vladimir Putin's parents, on which it was written that they "raised a freak and a murderer", the Associated Press reported, quoted by BTA.

The court found 60-year-old Irina Tsybaneva guilty of desecrating burial grounds motivated by political hatred. Her lawyer said she pleaded not guilty because she did not physically desecrate the grave and did not seek publicity for her action.

The note Tsybaneva left at the guarded grave on the eve of Putin's birthday in October read: "Parents of a maniac, take him with you. He causes so much pain and trouble. The whole world is praying for his death. Death to Putin.You raised a freak and a murderer.”

Since Putin sent troops into Ukraine in February 2022, the government has begun cracking down on dissent in a way not seen since the Soviet Union.

In another case, a Russian government agency added actor Artur Smolyaninov and former adviser to the Ukrainian president Oleksii Arestovych to the list of "extremists and terrorists".

In an interview with the European edition of the independent Russian newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” published in January, Smolyaninov said that he would hypothetically participate in military action only on the side of Ukraine.

Oleksii Arestovych resigned after claiming on the Internet that the Russian missile that killed 45 people in the city of Dnipro had hit a residential building as a result of actions by Ukrainian air defenses.


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