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GERB to hold negotiations for an expert government

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Prime Minister - designate Mariya Gabriel

GERB-SDS Prime Minister Designate Mariya Gabriel said at a briefing on Sunday that she is to propose the formation of an expert cabinet with a one-year term. On May 15, Mariya Gabriel will receive the first government-forming mandate from Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev. According to the premer-designate, everyone in parliament says that the country needs a regular government. "The formula for governing the country based on priorities remains to be found", said Mariya Gabriel.

On May 15, Mariya Gabriel will negotiate with the Bulgarian Socialist Party. She admitted that GERB-SDS and BSP differ on priorities such as the Eurozone membership, but she wants to believe that everyone will work for Bulgaria's future. According to Mariya Gabriel, talks will be held with all parties except Vazrazhdane.

"The one-year term of the expert government is proposed for objective reasons, such as the adoption of the state budget", Mariya Gabriel explained. "If there is no result in one year, we will not be able to convince a single Bulgarian that we care about the country", Commissioner Gabriel said.

The leader of GERB Boyko Borissov pointed out that GERB-SDS had held talks on the formation of a government only with "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria". In his words, during the negotiations with the other parties, GERB is to ask them whether they consider the last two years successful for Bulgaria and whether something better will happen if new elections are held.

Source: BNR

Photo: BGNES-archive