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COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 120 New Cases in the Last 24 hours

, Станимир Петков (Клуб на инвалидите - Сливен)

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Covid hospital

The new confirmed cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria for the last 24 hours are 120, according to the data of the Unified Information Portal.

2,037 tests were performed, which means that the proportion of positive results is 5.89 percent.

Three patients with confirmed coronavirus infection have died.

To date, 300 people with a diagnosis of COVID-19 are in hospitals, of which 29 are in intensive care units. There are 32 new hospital admissions.

152 people were cured in the last 24 hours, and a total of 1,266,035 since the beginning of the pandemic.

There are currently 2,114 active cases.

In the last 24 hours, 24 doses of vaccines against COVID-19 were administered, and a total of 4,612,700 since the start of the vaccination campaign.

A total of 38,364 people in Bulgaria have lost the battle with the coronavirus out of the confirmed 1,306,513 infected since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the data of the Unified Information Portal./COVID-19 Unified Information Portal


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Photo: Stanimir Petkov