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A Wagner mercenary with a Medal from Putin was Arrested in Bulgaria

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A former fighter of Yevgeny Prigozhin's mercenary army "Wagner" was caught on May 15 while trying to cross the Bulgarian border, Bulgarian media "OFFNews" reported citing the human rights project "Gulagu.net's" Telegram channel. The project is of a Russian organization for the protection of human rights.

According to the message on Gulagu.net, the former fighter has the identification number A-1780, he tried to enter Bulgaria illegally under the name S.S. Gorshenin (Горшенин С.С.), he was sentenced to 3 years on probation and released from custody, but placed in a refugee camp.

The sources of the project claim the following: "Current information from human rights defenders in Burgas: A week ago, a trial was held for illegal crossing of the border. He (Gorshenin) received a suspended sentence of 3 years. His personal belongings and phone were returned to him. He is housed in the L. refugee camp, where there are mostly Syrians. He cannot leave the camp. Bulgarian security services are currently working with him. He refuses help from human rights defenders, stating that he will contact them himself. He has asked for asylum in Bulgaria."

According to the impressions of the human rights defenders, the man was not well aware of what he had done: "I had an order", "this is my job", he insisted.

The person in question also carried with him a medal "For bravery" (Putin's decree of 18.07.22), PMC "Wagner" medal "For the capture of Popasna" and other documents in the name of A.Ya. Motorigin (А.Я. Моторигин).

The Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior told "OFFNews" that they cannot confirm the information and that they are still investigating the case.

"Earlier, a number of former fighters from the formation of Putin's Chef, interviewed by the Gulagu.net team, said that Yevgeny Prigozhin formed several assassination brigades with the participation of the special services, whose tasks included traveling to Europe and the United States and carrying out terrorist acts and political assassinations for the purpose of intimidation," the human rights project also wrote.


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