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REMINDER: Register for App to access European Parliament carpark in Strasbourg

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European Parliament

Reminder to journalists to register and book your parking space for the July plenary session if you intend to go to Strasbourg

Further to the introduction in June of an App-based booking system in Strasbourg for all external users of Parliament’s carparks, you are strongly recommended to register, download the App and book your parking space for the July plenary session, if you have not already done so.

Journalists who have already registered for the IZIX App can already reserve a space themselves.

Those media representatives who do not yet possess the App and wish to use Parliament’s parking in Strasbourg, need to register their details (below) by sending an email to:





Category of external user: Accredited Journalist

Car plate n°:

Mobile phone n°:

You will receive instructions, with the confirmation, to download the IZIX App where you can request and manage your own bookings directly.