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The European Parliament is open for visitors!

, Станимир Петков (Клуб на инвалидите - Сливен)

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Two friends taking a selfie outside the European Parliament in Brussels

Visit the centre of European democracy, the place where decisions affecting the whole EU are made.

Visit the Parlamentarium

The Parlamentarium in Brussels is Europe’s largest parliamentary visitors centre. It hosts a cinema where you can get a 360° view of Europe and the European Parliament. Discover how the Parliament works, how laws are made and why European politics matter. An interactive floor map takes visitors on a virtual tour around the EU, featuring more than 100 stories highlighting the diversity of the bloc.

Parlamentarium is open seven days a week and entrance is free of charge. It is fully accessible for visitors with disabilities.

Make a tour at the House of European history

Want more? In The House of European History a permanent exhibition guides visitors through European history, from Europe’s origins and evolution, to the descent into war and search for a better life. Workshops and learning resources allow students to engage with European history, and hands-on activities and events allow families to explore European history together.

Discover the plenary chamber in Brussels

In addition to plenary sessions in Strasbourg, Parliament also sometimes holds plenary sessions in Brussels. Visit the European Parliament’s building in Brussels and learn more about how the Parliament works.

Visits are free of charge and are available in any of the European Union’s 24 official languages. It is fully accessible for visitors with disabilities.

Check out the Info Hub

Pop into the Parliament’s latest visitors venue in Brussels - the Info Hub - and catch up with the latest from the European Parliament, discover topical exhibitions, do some research, meet other people or have your say on the EU in the citizens’ voices corner. There will be events from talks to film screenings, so make sure you check out the programme.

European quarter explorer

If you want to find out more about Brussels, Parliament has three mobile apps you can try out, guiding you through the European quarter at your own pace. If you enjoy games and quizzes, there is one just for you.

Citizen’s Garden

Once you have done all that, why not relax in the green oasis of the Citizen’s Garden next to the Parliament in Brussels, where you may be lucky enough to be treated to a concert.

The European Parliament in Strasbourg

It’s also possible to visit the European Parliament’s building in Strasbourg. Visits take you inside the stunning Louise Weiss building to the public gallery of the plenary chamber where the most important debates and historic votes take place and to the interactive Simone Veil Parlamentarium.