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MEPs call for a new proposal on more efficient EU administration

, Людмила Калъпчиева

Излъчване: Tuida News | European Community | преди 8 месеца | 330

European Parliament

Law on open, efficient and independent European Union administration

Commission to come up with regulation proposal to be adopted before second half of new legislative term

Regulation to be based on digitalisation principles outlined by MEPs

Deputies consider that after 70 years of development of EU’s public administration it is high time for a legislative proposal outlining principles of good administration.

MEPs want the Commission to enshrine principles of good administration into binding legislation. They argue that a new law that would lay down general procedural rules governing the administrative activities of the Union’s institutions, would not only increase transparency but would also make EU administration more efficient. Moreover, MEPs argue that the need for law on EU administrative procedure increases with digitalisation and advancement of new technologies such as artificial intelligence or automated decision-making, which can play a key role in the modernisation of EU public administration.

Regulation to enshrine new principles

The new regulation, MEPs say, should take into account important principles such as ‘once only’ according to which every person should submit their data only once when they are digitally interacting with the Union’s administration. Other principles include interoperability, digital services accessible to elderly and vulnerable people and people with disabilities or ‘public money - public code’ principle, according to which source code of any software developed using public money should be made available to the public for audit and reuse. MEPs also want online tutorials to help people understand how to use digital public services and they want management to be responsible for cybersecurity while ensuring sufficient training for the staff also on deployed digital solutions.


European Parliament rapporteur Karen Melchior (Renew, DN) said following the vote: “With this report, the European Parliament puts forward new rules for the EU’s administrations to guarantee citizens and businesses clarity and control, clearly defined procedures, rights and obligations for citizens when they interact with EU institutions. These rules incorporate new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, and ensure they are used to the benefit of all and in respect of citizens’rights. The Parliament urges rapid implementation by the Commission of our proposal.”

Next steps

MEPs of the Legal Affairs Committee supported the draft report with 24 votes for, no votes against and no abstentions. Legislative initiative report will now be tabled for vote at the second plenary meeting in November.


The European Parliament repeatedly called for a new legislation in the area of administrative procedure in 2013 as well as in 2016. MEPs now ask the Commission to come up with a regulation modelled around its 2016 resolution and taking digitalisation advancement into account.